Start a thread

Threads are a new format we created to help you share insights and gain alignment.

Writing in blocks

Threads are a new format we created to help you share insights and gain alignment. A thread is made up of blocks where each block is capped at 500 characters to push people to not feel pressured to be so verbose with their language. It can be helpful to think of the block structure simply as a flexible tool to help divide up your thoughts.

The thread composer starts out as one block, so it feels natural to share something short: a question, a few sentence update, a link to something with some context.

Hit "return" twice on your keyboard to add a new block. Add as many blocks as you need to communicate what you need to in the thread. If you're sharing a product proposal, for example, you can use the various formatting tools to adjust the sizes of the headings to divide up your proposal into sections, like you would in a text document.

✨ Tip: When composing a thread, click the circle icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to change the background color of the composer.

Formatting threads

When you're writing a thread, use / to show a list of formatting options you can use in the block.

You can do things like:

  • Format the header

  • Add an image or file

  • Add a video or voice recording

  • Add a bulleted list or numbered list

  • Add a quote block

  • Add a poll

  • Add a call out

  • Add a code block

Add a poll

Trying to make a decision? Start a poll on a thread to get input from your teammates.

To create a poll:

  1. Press Compose to start a thread

  2. Use / to insert the poll

  3. Select Poll

Scheduled threads

Writing a thread late at night and don't want to post it until the morning? Schedule the thread before you post it.

To schedule a thread:

  1. Click Compose and start a thread

  2. Select a channel to post the thread in

  3. Click the arrow on the Post button and select Schedule thread

Assigning threads

While you can't assign someone a thread, you can @-mention them in the thread. When you @-mention the person, they'll receive a notification at the top of their inbox about the thread with the additional context that they were tagged in the thread.

Check to see whether they've seen or caught up on the thread by hovering over the profile photo in the thread view.

Where threads live

Threads live in channels or in your private threads.

Archiving threads

You cannot archive a thread. However, a thread will naturally fall to the bottom of a channel and out of the way when there is no longer a discussion on the thread. The thread will still be accessible from the channel or through search.

If you'd like to move a thread out of a certain channel, you can always create a new public or private channel and move the thread to that channel so it is out of the way.