Organization settings

Admins have the control to manage their organization's settings.


Only admins can access their organization's settings. Members will only be able to access the membership page and the integrations page.

If you're an admin of the organization:

  1. Go to the top left corner of Threads

  2. Click on your organization's name

  3. Select Settings

General settings

Go to the General tab to see the main settings for an organization:

  • Edit organization name

  • Change the logo image

  • Allow members to invite new members and add guests to the organization

  • Automatically added new members to a set of default channels

  • Set the default share link setting for links created in the organization

  • Show a presence indicator (a green dot) when a member is online


Individuals and admins will be able to enable apps for their personal accounts as well as for the organization.

Learn more about creating and enabling integrations for your organization.


Add custom emojis and memes to your organization so members can use them in their day to day communication on Threads.

  • Upload a custom meme and give it a name

  • Upload a custom emoji and give it a name