Import Slack channels

Make the transition to Threads easier by importing 90 days worth of content from your Slack workspace or select channels.


When your team is transitioning to Threads from Slack, it can be helpful to move your team's content from Slack over to Threads to maintain consistency with channels and to make sure you don't lose any historical context.

What is imported?

You can import up to 90 days of content when you create your organization or anytime from the Integrations tab.

A channel with the same name will be created in the organization on Threads, and you'll be able to access a transcript of the Slack channel as a read-only chat from the channel.

Any direct messages that are imported will be recreated as chats on Threads.

Import from Slack

You can import 90 days worth of your team's content from Slack anytime from the Integrations page.

To import content from Slack:

  1. Go to the top left corner of Threads and select Integrations from the drop-down

  2. Under Personal Apps select Slack

  3. Sign in and start the import for your organization