Audio chat in channels

Jump into an audio chat with your team to talk live and share your screen.


Audio chats are great for creating an informal setting to talk through ideas in real time with your team.

You can start an audio chat in any channel or chat. When you toggle the audio chat on, everyone in the channel or chat where you started the call from will be notified and be able to see that the audio chat is happening. Enjoy the music while you wait for your team to join 🎵!

Anyone on the audio chat will be able to share their screen to share that additional context with the team.

Start an audio chat

Start an audio chat from any channel or chat.

To start an audio chat:

  1. Go to the channel or chat where you want to start the audio chat

  2. Go to the bottom left corner

  3. Toggle the audio chat on

When you're done with the audio chat, toggle it off to leave. The last person to leave will end the audio chat.

Join an audio chat

When someone turns on the audio chat for a channel or chat that you're in, you'll by notified that the audio chat is on and open to join. Go to the audio chat to join it, and leave anytime.

To join an audio chat:

  1. If you see an audio chat is on, click on the notification for it

  2. Toggle the audio chat on to join from the channel or chat it's in